About Clute Barrow Nelson Foundation

Charitable organization based in Athens, GA, established to provide financial support to families of children with cancer.

This foundation honors Clute Barrow Nelson. On January 15th, 1997, at the age of 5 1/2, Clute was diagnosed with a large anaplastic astrocytoma tumor in the center of his brain involving both sides of his thalamus. Treatment began in March of 1997 and continued over the next 8 months, but it was ineffective. During the 16 months of his illness, Clute withstood and endured each loss of function and each new cancer treatment with grace, dignity, and humor. His love for his family, friends, doctors and nurses never waivered. Even in the time since his death, the depth to which he touched others’ lives and the legacy of love that he has left for us continues. 

During Clute’s illness, many family members, friends, businesses, churches, and caring individuals donated funds to help with the expenses of Clute’s treatments. After Clute died, his family made the decision to use the funds that remained to continue the good works that were so generously bestowed upon them. 

To honor his life, The Clute Barrow Nelson Life Foundation, Inc. was established to reach out to other families with children who have cancer. Our foundation provides financial assistance to these families by working with hospital personnel and social workers in Georgia to identify needs.